August 14th, 2023

I finally started school today! I'm going to be learning a lot of cool cybersecurity things (hopefully) and possibly getting a job afterward. I'm thinking about trying to start up a BBS for this lil website of mine, so if you'd be interested in joining, consider following me for updates! Recently I've been working on a few different projects I'm hoping to finish soon. I'm working on writing a DnD campaign to run with some friends, I'd like to learn more woodworking stuff so I can build cool things, and overall I've just been wanting to make and create things, although I don't always have the resources for it :/. Another really cool thing I'm working on though: fixing up these blog posts! Right now it's so inconvenient to have to scroll all the way down to the bottom to read earlier posts, so I'm going to be trying to restructure them so that they're all neatly organized and easy to read and not just a mess of words. I'd also like to work on getting the suggestions page up and running, so I'll make a post when that's all good!