August 24th, 2023

Today has been quite the mixed bag of emotions. It started out with me waking up and heading to school. My normal class was pretty uneventful, but afterward I joined in another class and watched some of the stuff they were doing. I wasn't part of the class, so I wasn't able to participate, but I did at least learn a little about some of the things they talked about. After I was done with that I went and did some errands, got my license renewed finally after 8 months of driving with an expired one. Later in the evening I went back to school to attend a cybersecurity meeting and I learned a lot more about the systems I'd seen earlier today in that other class. They had us do some programming questions in a language called Sigma (lol) and I got them right first try >:) Now though, I'm feeling kind of icky, on my way home I passed a fawn that had been hit by a car, and as I passed it I could see it laying in the ground writhing in pain. Further down the road I saw another deer, this one much older, which I assume was its mother. I hate that people can just hit these animals with their cars and not face any consequences whatsoever. It's illegal to hunt fawn, so it should be illegal to hit them with your car. What if it was an accident? Would you be free from punishment if you accidentally hit a human child with your car? The truth is that jackass wasn't paying attention, and their ignorance and stupidity killed an innocent fawn. People like that should have their licenses taken away before they kill something else out of ignorance. Driver's licenses really shouldn't be as widespread as they are, and the fact that you don't EVER have to retest to make sure that you still know how to drive properly is insane. The system really needs a rework. Anyway though, it's unfortunate :/ I'm sad I couldn't do anything to help it, and I can't even have the piece of mind knowing that it didn't suffer, because it did. But life goes on, so I'll just have to get over it :/