July 18th, 2023

Boy oh boy it's been quite a while since I last went on this site. Exactly three months! What a coincidence. Anyway, as I'm sure you could guess, a lot's changed since then. To start, I'm a full fledged zipline guide, I got fired from my previous job for calling out (and then ignoring my boss's phonecalls after that but we'll ignore that part ;)) As for work though I can confidently say the only thing I'm dissatisfied with now is that I don't work more often. I've finally found a job that I genuinely enjoy and want to get better at, I just can't find the time to consistently go in (and thus I'm always broke still). I've really been wanting to try out some martial arts, mostly BJJ since I already have some experience in it and I don't really feel like being punched in the face that much, but martial arts are so expensive these days :( I can't find any classes for ANY martial arts under $100 monthly, which is insane for me, idk how that would scale for a normal adult with a real job. Although if you have a real job, do you even have time for martial arts? I don't know, I wish I could just meet an old wise BJJ black belt that teaches me everything he knows in exchange for me doing chores or something. That would be awesome >:) But alas, I don't think I'm going to find ANY BJJ black belts around here in Alabama, and I'm especially not going to find one willing to teach me for free. Guess I'll just buy a mat and teach myself :/

On another note, I've been teaching myself a lot of cybersecurity stuff over the past few months, I even made $50 doing bug bounties, although I've been a little discouraged lately since that $50 was more pity pay than actual legitimate pay. I didn't really uncover any serious vulnerabilities, I just pointed out a vulnerability in one of the third parties that they had used, so they paid me as a thanks but didn't take any action on it. I've recently been looking into this whole "Job Corps" thing but I just read a bunch of firsthand accounts saying it's basically a prison where young homeless kids go because they have nowhere else, and thus you get a lot of gang violence and things. Not to mention the apparent incompetence when it comes to the actual teachers, and having been to a public title 1 school, I can only imagine how bad it is over there. Other nasties include pedophilia from the teachers (and students), facility nurses that do absolutely nothing, and the fact that you sign away 100% of your legal rights when you arrive on campus. Yeah, I think I'll just stick to ziplining and acting like I have a plan for the future. Who knows, I might even try to become a raft guide 0-0 I'm thinking of really hammering down on going to work a LOT so I can get some people off my back about it. Sure that means no more free time, but my job basically is free time, and free exercise! Of course I also just want to start going a lot just so that I can really take this job seriously, it is a job after all.