October 13th, 2023

Been a while since my last post, can't say I've been doing much of anything lately though. I've pretty much just been locked inside, taking care of my birds and chickens, cleaning, and playing games. I haven't really had much social interaction outside of friends and family, but I'm hoping I can start consistently working a lot more, and in turn make some more money for my goals. The way I see it, there's not much in my life going on right now, school's pretty much a lost cause, so if I just buckle down and devote most of my time to working I can probably save up enough money to buy a Vespa or something so I don't have to worry about my truck inevitably breaking down (not to mention spending like half my paycheck on gas). Long term, I'm not really sure. I've got TONS of goals for myself, but I don't really have any feasible ways of getting there right now.