September 12th, 2023

Today's been pretty alright >:) One of my teachers texted me and asked why I hadn't been to class, and that, coupled with the fact that I submitted a bug bounty report, has renewed my motivation to pursue cybersecurity. Thank god, I was getting a little discouraged by how little progress I was making. I'm ready to go back, hopefully tomorrow. Speaking of that bug bounty though, I'm really really reallyyyyy hoping it turns out to be something. Based on the severity of the vulnerability I reported, I should get at least $150 if they decide it's worth taking action on, and I could really use $150 right now (o_o) I can't say for what, but I have plans that I cannot disclose because the haters will sabotage me >:)) There's been some drama with the family, not involving me of course because I'm so drama free, but my brother's being an asshole to other family members. Typical teenager stuff, I'm not going to get involved becauseee he's not my kid... but I'll certainly be the little devil whispering into my mom's ear to try and get him what he deserves. In my opinion, having grown up in the 2000s, no 16 year old should have unregulated access to the internet like that, and I'm definitely going to make sure that she knows that. Being on the internet at such a young age definitely messes you up, and I have no doubt that my brother's experiencing that firsthand right now. I've been thinking up some plans for the whole situation, and if I had my way, he would no loner have a phone plan, and I'd have full control of his internet access (without him knowing obviously) Remember guys, if you police from the shadows, they won't have any authority to rebel against, they'll just view it as some force of nature or act of god, which in turn inspires them to change themselves because they want to, not because they're being forced to.